The purpose of employee welfare insurance plans is to provide specified benefits / welfare to employees such as Medical Insurance, Accidental Insurance, and Life Insurance Policies. Styled as Group Medical coverage, Group Personal Accident coverage and Group Term Life Plans, such plans offer great benefits and terms to employees as they are bundled for a company. They are also considered as an added merit to the Employer and gives them more market credibility in terms of their HR policies.

Risks Covered

Medical Expenses

Hospitalization expenses

Accidental Fatalities


Life Cover Including Suicide

Our Unique approach

Jubiliant enables the corporate clients to get best policies in terms of pricing, terms and add-ons for their employees. The team at Jubiliant team are proficient in analysing market offerings and constantly update themselves about the best products and services. Their expertise and experience ensure that the corporate clients get the best deals for their employees. Jubiliant’s USP just begins with onboarding. Extensive and constant support is offered to clients and their employees almost on a 24-7-365 helpline basis with assistance for hospitalisation and quick/fair settlement of claims.

Jubiliant ensures that no stone is left unturned in addressing their end-consumer requirements in an efficient and empathetic manner.