• We are customer-centric
  • We offer consistent and satisfying experience at every interaction
  • We spend a lot of man-hours in risk assessment and insurance consultation with highest standards of professional expertise
  • We have state-of-the-art claims management that delivers exceptional customer experience
  • We process all kinds of claims in the best and fastest possible manner
  • We ensure that our clients and customers always have the feel-good factor and reassured that their interests are protected and taken care of well.

20 +

Years of Experience

As is with other leading insurance brokers, we at Jubiliant have the same tasks in hand, but the game-changer is our "unique approach" that is systematic and professional. We understand the fact that firms/organizations need specific advice, and no "one size fits for all" exists in the insurance domain. We follow a highly sophisticated and granular approach to customer segmentation and work on mapped risks specific to the client's industry and requirements. We design and provide customized products to better suit our client palate.

We provide a holistic solution that covers all aspects of the client's requirements. Our approach showcases our expertise. We know the critical areas of risk across business operations and articulate the value propositions in a simple way that ensures better understanding.

We Ensure

Thorough risk assessment

Determination of Adequate Coverage

Detailed Analysis of Industry Products

A scientific tooling for Policy Recommend

Guidance for Decision making

Consulting with Stakeholders

Negotiations of Best Policy Terms deals

Our people are meticulous but we also believe in the accuracy of systems. With the knowledge gained over the years of experience across industry verticals and with all insurance companies, we have successfully managed to develop a scientific and statistical tool. It is a kind of black box that considers the mating parameters. Fed with policy needs, expectations and experiences of multiple industry verticals, it recommends suitable policy(ies) specific to the industry vertical considering the parameters such as the size of the company, driving criteria for insurance, risk assessment, budget, compliance, past claims experience etc. The insights from our experience are transferred to this system and it is constantly improvised.


Our claims management remains satisfactory and successful due to our experience and relationship with industry stakeholders. Our corporate wing functions like a near 24x7x365 call centre and every call or support request for claims is dealt at the fastest pace leaving every client assured that they are well taken care of.

We believe in technology and have invested in the same to digitize the functions for better customer engagement. Our support modules are tech-driven. We provide a smart desk at our client office for effective client support. Our clients are benefited by our multichannel support system that includes phone, email, online and social media platforms like, chat bot etc. We strive to be the best service provider in the insurance broking industry segment with a versatile and multipronged approach.