Travel insurance covers expenses and losses associated with travel. It is a protection for those traveling domestically or abroad. This type of insurance covers a variety of events that may cause financial loss before or during on account of trips. This policy covers trip cancellations, medical emergencies, flight delays, delay in checked in baggage, loss of baggage, loss of passport, etc. In some countries and for certain categories of travel, it is mandatory to have travel insurance.

Clauses protected under Travel Insurance

Trip interruptions , Flight delays etc.

Loss / Damage of checked-in baggage and delays

Medical Emergencies

Hospital Cash Allowance

Trip cancellation

Accidental death


Hijack distress allowance

Financial Emergency assistance

Loss of Passport

Why do you need Travel Insurance?

Suppose you are on a travel trip and something goes wrong such as loss of baggage, trip delay and other incidental expenses, travel insurance may come in handy to cover against such events.

Our aim is to ensure our customers, a stress-free travel. Considering various factors - business travel, studies, employment, pleasure trip and medical reasons, at Jubiliant, we provide suitable travel insurance plans based on the individual / corporate’s requirements.

Types of Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance

International travel insurance policy is designed to have an outlook on several possibilities like compensation for total loss of baggage, cashless hospitalization and suitable for all international destinations. These policies also cover travel delays, hijacking risk, evacuation, loss of important travel documents and life insurance etc.

Student Travel Insurance

Student Travel Insurance travel insurance helps students going abroad to study in universities, colleges and higher education institutions. Students can apply when they get admitted to academic and professional courses in foreign universities. The required documentation is minimal, and comprehensive coverage is possible for medical and health, life, passport and document loss, equipment loss and course interruptions.

Group Travel Insurance

Group Travel Insurance is for people traveling together and not related by blood to get the same protection as a regular travel insurance policy while saving on the costs of individual premiums.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy is a specially designed travel insurance plan for people aged 61-70 years. This usually covers dental and basic medical issues while traveling abroad with non-cash benefits. It also offers other benefits associated with travel insurance.

Domestic Travel Insurance

For traveling within the legal boundaries of India, you can get Domestic of travel insurance policy and get coverage for delays and interruptions in your flight or journey. A good domestic travel insurance plan should cover expenses and legal aspects in case of medical emergencies, permanent disability and death during travel. The check-in lost baggage and travel delay are usually included as personal liability.

Medical Travel Insurance

Medical Travel Insurance type of insurance is best for the purpose of traveling to a country for medical treatment. This includes short-term travel, including medical emergencies and expatriation situations. Depending on the insurance provider from whom the medical insurance is purchased, there may be various clauses and exclusions.

Eligibility Criteria

Different policies have different travel insurance eligibility criteria. For travel insurance there are some mandatory documents like passport, visa, income details and tax returns.

  • Student travel insurance generally provides cover to students of a certain age group who are traveling abroad for further studies.
  • International travel insurance and family travel insurance plans usually cover two adults (up to 60 years) and two children (up to 21 years).
  • Senior citizens usually get travel insurance up to the age of 85 years without any medical examination.

Claim Process

You can reach out to Jubiliant’s toll free number 1800 1234 303 or email to register your claim. Our claim processing team will help you register the claim with the concerned insurance company. We will guide you through all the steps from registration to settlement.

Documents required for Claim Process

Different situations require different sets of documents. Some of the essential documents to be submitted to the insurance company for processing claims are

Original ticket or boarding pass

Copy of passport indicating dates of travel

Claim form

Original bills, receipts and vouchers

Copy of cancelled cheque

Emergency travel certificate and new passport copy (if passport is lost)

Details of compensation provided by airlines, if any (in case of loss of checked baggage)

Letter from the policyholder stating the reason for the cancellation of the trip

For Medical Claims - Medical Practitioner's Advice Notes, Original Admit/discharge Card, Bills with Prescriptions